What’s the point of designing a strategy if it is not implemented?
  • Although processes represent the concrete implementation of the company’s strategy as well as the value it delivers to its customers, they happen to be often inefficient, missing or non-existing.
  • Processes are characterized by start and end events, different steps, activities and decisions all contributing to a final result.
 Process mapping methodology

 Which process

  • Start event
  • End event


  • Staff activities
  • Intermediate events


  • Resources by role
  • Handovers between departments

 When and why

  • Control flows
  • Decision points


  • Data objects (documents and other files)
  • Data stores (through software applications)
  • A business process is when the final customer is outside the company whereas the added value of a support process is delivered internally.
  • Processes must be constantly reviewed and adapted to the company’s strategy.
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