What’s the point of having efficient processes and quality data if your software environment is not adapted and running poorly?

  • Do you have an in-depth knowledge of the software companies with the right technologies to meet your needs?
  • Will your terms of reference documentation be immediately understood by the potential bidders?
  • Will the technologies selected not only meet your functional needs but also your needs for process reactivity? 
  • Will they integrate easily,  are you sure that such integration will have no impact on your business activities?
  • Or, could business activities be slowed down by your infrastructure blend - on site / cloud -  choice due to lack of data fluidity?
  • Is your infrastructure network tuned to the data volume in transit?
  • Are your data secured?
  • Do you know how to read suppliers contracts in detail?
  • Do you know the difference between buying technology or a license, the scope of services you are actually buying in terms of maintenance and support?

Zest Management consultants can assist you in all these steps which have to be achieved in a very professional manner if you don’t want to run the risk of a costly and time-consuming software automation failure.