What’s the point of having an efficient process architecture if these processes deliver low quality and corrupted data?
  • Are your data unique or can you find the same data many times in your numerous databases?
  • Are they reliable, are your people not spending too much time in checking them or launching sales and marketing campaigns based on outdated data?
  • Are they compliant with your usage?
  • And with the existing and future regulation?
  • Are they complete or do you need to add information?
  • Are they secured?
In partnership with Tech Agency and using latest technology event management software to register data usage patterns, Zest Management consultants, GDPR certified, help you estimate the production cost and value of your data, create new digital services whilst abiding by the existing GDPR and DPL regulations.
Zest Management also has developed a software application to deal with personal data demands in full compliance with GDPR and DPL; based on fully up to date technologies and privacy by design, this application can be integrated in any software environment. It gives companies and their Data Protection Officers a major relief with their day-to-day heavy administrative handling of customers’ personal data demands.
In partnership with the law firm Kellerhals-Carrard who synchronize their work with GDPR-LDP compliant Tech Agency methodology, Zest Management sets up or reviews all your GDPR-DPL legal files.