Zest Management offers consultancy in change and digital transformation management ; it was created from the observation that a lack of:
  • overall vision or specific technical knowledge,
  • coherence between the different necessary steps or even existence of one of them,
  • a guide whose role is to understand, coordinate and manage the various participants, leads to digital transformation failure.

It was founded in 2017 by Eric Bocquet who’d spent 18 years of his life as founder-manager of an IT group, 13 years in finance and more than 5 years as an independent consultant.

Zest Management orchestrates and implements the steps of your digital journey ie :

  • Helping you formalize your company’s vision, goals, objectives and strategy;
  • Analyzing and re-engineering your processes;
  • Making your data compliant with regulation and a real asset for your company;
  • Automating your processes with the right software technology;
  • Hosting at the right place with the right services;
  • Working with the right people.
While managing the entire project, Zest Management can call upon expert partners. Zest Management is also a reseller of soft and hardware solutions  in specific areas.